Basilica di San Pietro

Basilica di San Pietro

St. Peter’s Basilica welcomes the Holy See inside and is the most important temple of the Catholic Church, where the Pope celebrates the most important liturgies.

The construction of the basilica began in 1506 and ended in 1626, and it was consecrated on November 18 of this last year. Various architects took part in its construction, including Bramante, Michelangelo and Carlo Maderno.

The name is due to the first Pope in history, St. Peter, whose body lies in the basilica.

The interior of the Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica can hold up to 20,000 people. It is 190 meters high and the central nave is 46 meters high, while the cupula reaches 136 meters in height.

Among the works of art preserved inside are Bernini’s Baldacchino, Michelangelo’s La Pietà and the bronze statue of St. Peter. This last sculpture has the right foot consumed by the kisses of the faithful.

The dome

One of the most spectacular architectural elements of the basilica is its dome. It was designed by Michelangelo and was executed by Giacomo Della Porta and, in 1914, by Carlo Maderno.

The dome of St. Peter’s Basilica inspired later projects, such as that of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London or the Capitol in Washington.

Visit the St. Peter’s Basilica

Undoubtedly, entering St. Peter’s Basilica is an unforgettable experience. We advise you to go up to the dome, from which you will observe St. Peter’s Square and, if the day is sunny, almost all of Rome.

Climbing the dome is not for everyone, as its last flights feature a steep and narrow spiral staircase, which can be impassable by people with reduced mobility.

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